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Buy metformin 500 mg online Ahead of the June 7 election, a growing number of people who don't identify as politically conservative are running independents, but many more are casting votes for Republicans. Last week, the nonpartisan Public Policy Polling (PPP) asked registered voters who identify with either "the Democratic or Republican parties by choice" which party they were identifying with. Here's a breakdown of the results that poll: Among Republicans who want to vote for Romney (29 percent), 30 percent identify themselves as independent. Among those who want to vote for President Barack Obama (25 percent), 15 percent identify as independents. Among those who want to vote for President Ron Paul (36 percent), 30 percent identify as independents. Among those who want to vote for President Barack Obama (57 percent), 34 percent identify as independents. Among those who want to vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson or Green Party candidate Jill Stein (36 percent), 28 percent identify as independents. A July poll from PPP also reported those who identified as independents or no party affiliation were more likely to not pick their preferred candidates. From the PPP analysis: "Independent voters who say that they are 'leaning independent' four times more likely to say that their preferred candidate is not on the ballot than 'leaners.'" PPP has previously demonstrated the effect of these independent votes on state legislative races as recently 2010, when Democrats took control of the Michigan Senate — but only because they garnered independent votes while independents made up 24 percent of the electorate. It's been one year since the release of Android malware dubbed "Adaroid", which was one of the most virulent Android malware of all time. Most recently, researchers revealed that a similar malware that's more than a year old has been found on more than 100 Google apps from Play. Android malware expert Trend Micro has compiled a list of all the apps that have been breached in the past one year with aid of a reverse-engineering. As reported by Viagra uk free delivery iStratogizmo, a list compiled Trend Micro, shows that the most frequently targeted apps aren't the most sophisticated apps, and that many of them don't use special tracking techniques. Even though the amount of these apps impacted is relatively small at 627, they're still highly valuable targets for attacker, who were able to compromise data stored in users' address book backups with the help of one apps targeted. On top of that, some the apps also displayed a high level of obfuscation, making it difficult for app developers to identify the source of attack. Looking at this list, we can easily notice that a big part of the attackers' efforts focus on sending spam and redirecting users to phony SMS and other types of malicious websites. These apps have been compromised even though, just like the malware Adaroid, they use sophisticated tracking techniques developed in-house by app developers to gather user data. While it's interesting to see that people have deal with this malware after every Android update, it's still a major issue for everyone when Android malware remains on devices years after it's been first detected. Thankfully, all apps affected by this malware will be updated to address the issues immediately. Source: iStratogizmo via IBTimes (PDF) If I had to choose one moment in 2012 that highlighted how much more people were on Twitter, it is this moment in particular. As a marketing team in the world's most influential entertainment company, we've spent a lot of time working to spread the hashtag #ThanksTwitter, and we're very flattered that it seems so many of our customers want to show us how much they appreciate our efforts. We just couldn't disagree more with the notion that we somehow have to "win"

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